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We would love to have you part of our Angel Moon Family.  We ask that you fill out our Questionnaire to get to know you.  As a breeder, our goal is to place our puppies in "forever homes.  Each puppy is their own individual, no two puppies are alike, therefore we need to observe and evaluate their traits to see if it is a match to your lifestyle.


Perspective Buyer Puppy/Adult

American Staffordshire Terrier Questionnaire

Please click pdf below for our Questionnaire and email to:

Please answer each question to the best of your knowledge and from the heart but most of all answer truthful.  We are entrusting you with a piece of our heart.. our pup.


We have the right to refuse a sale if we don't feel your home is the right home. We want our pups or adults to go to forever homes where they are loved and cherished and made part of the family.  Please don't feel offended if at this time we refuse a sale to you.

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