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Here you will find our Wags and Brags with our American Staffordshire Terriers.  2020 and Covid-19 has brought a halt to most things for competition but we continue to improve our home for our Angels.  We wish everyone a safe journey and most of all peace, love, and happiness.  

Some of our Titles our Amstaffs  that we have have owned or showed have included BIS, BISS, Top 10, Top 25, Multiple Group, Multiple BOB, CH, GCH, Award Of Merit, RBIS Owner Handler, Top 10 Owner Handler, BOBOH Euakanuba, Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Canine Good Citizen Urban, Trick Novice, Trick Intermediate, Trick Advanced, Trick Dog Performer, Trick Dog Elite Performer, ATTS (temperament test), Rally, Obedience, Coursing, STCA Soloist (lure coursing), Barn Hunt, OFA, STCA Bronze, STCA Achievement Award, AKC AChiever Dog, and so much more.

Pirate BOBOH October 24-25, 2020

 Judge Mr. Harold Tatro and Judge Ms. Jacqueline Stacy
This was Pirate's 2nd show and doing great!


Pirate Goes Reserve to beat dogs all days in Tampa, Florida September 2020 and gets Best Bred By for his 1st time out



Thor earns Winner Dog under Judge Ken McMurray

Thor wins BOW 

Thor wins 1st Bred By Eukanuba Dog Show

Thor wins BOB Puppy Match

Thor earns his CCG
Thor earns his CGCA
Thor earns his Trick Novice
Thor DNA OFA Ataxia Clear
Thor passes his OFA Cardiac
Thor passes OFA Hips Fair
Thor DNA D1 and D2 Non Dilute

Venus DNA OFA Ataxica Clear
Venus passes her OFA Cardiac
Venus passes OFA Hips Good
Venus DNA D1 and D2 Non Dilute

Selene DNA OFA Ataxia Clear

Celtic DNA OFA Ataxia Clear


VS Pride I am Legend
Legend is imported from Mexico

Legend DNA OFA Ataxia Clear 
Legend DNA D1 and D2 Non Dilute
Legend places 2nd in Puppy Sweeps Orlando 6 months old


Charm wins BISS Puppy under Judge Colonel Purskhiser
Charm Wins Winners Bitch

Charm wins BOW

Charm Wins BOW

Char wins Winners Bitch 
Charm DNA OFA Ataxia Clear
Charm passes OFA Cardiac
Charm passes OFA Hips Good


Angel Moon's Dark Storytime Dance of the Beltane
Celtic DNA OFA Ataxia Clear

Celtic passes his OFA Cardiac

Celtic passes his hips OFA Fair
Celtic Thyroid Test including T4 Normal
Celtic earns his UKC CH places in Group
Celtic earns his AKC CH

Celtic is top 10 Owner Handler for Several Years

Celtic is top Owner Handler dog 2015 
Celtic wins BOBOH at Eukanuba

Celtic wins RBIS Owner Handler
Celtic wins Best Bred By

Celtic earns his CGC

Celtic earns his CGCA

Celtic earns his CGCU
Celtic earns his Coursing Title

Celtic earns 7 more Qs towards his advanced Coursing
Celtic earns his STCA Soloist (spring racing)
Celtic earns his ATTS (Temperament Test)
Celtic earns his TDI Therapy Dog
Celtic earns his Trick Novice
Celtic earns his Trick Intermediate
Celtic earns his Trick Advanced
Celtic earns his Trick Performer
Celtic earns his Trick Elite Performer at Royal Canin
(only 50 of all breeds all dogs earned this titled including Celtic)

Celtic earns his RATI
Celtic earns one Q for RATN

Celtic is awarded STCA Bronze
Celtic is awarded STCA Achievement Award

Celtic earns AKC Achiever Dog


Multi CH Praeotorian Staff Glamour

Tinka is Imported from Romania
Tinka earns her Championship
Tinka passes her OFA Cardiac at 8 years old
Tinka DNA OFA Ataxia Clear


CH Sultan's Bewitched At Angel Moon
Tabitha earns her CGC
Tabitha passes her OFA Cardiac
Tabitha passes her hips OFA Good
Tabitha DNA OFA Ataxia Clear
Tabitha earns her CH

CH AKC Pointed Angel Moon's Monsters Inc of Storytime
Monster earns his UKC CH
Monster is AKC Pointed
Monster Winners Dog under Judge Randy Garren
Monster earns his CGC
Monster earns his CGCA 

Monster earns his ATTS (Temperament Test)

Monster passes his OFA Cardiac
Monster DNA OFA Ataxia Carrier

AKC Pointed Angel Moon's Dark Twilight of Storytime

Twilight passes her OFA Cardiac

Twilight DNA OFA Ataxia Clear

BIS CH Angel Moon's Helter Skelter at Talydale

Damien earns his AKC CH
Damien goes BIS UKC

Damien earns his UKC CH
Damien earns his CGC

Damien earns his CA Coursing

(one of the first 10 Amstaffs to win this)

Damien earns 9 more Qs towards his advanced CA

Damien earns his STCA Soloist
Damein earns his ATTS (Temperament Test)

Damien passes his OFA Cardiac
Damien passes his hips OFA Good

Damien DNA OFA Ataxia Carrier

Angel Moon's Noble Knight of Storytime
Noble earns his CGC
Noble passes his OFA Cardiac

Noble DNA OFA Ataxia Clear

Storytime's Sweeter After Dark

Sonic passes his CGC
Sonic passes his CGCA

Sonic passes his CGCU

Sonic earns his BN (obedience)

Sonic earns his RN (Rally)

Sonic passes ATTS (Temperament Test)

Sonic earns his AKC Achiever Dog

Sonic earns STCA Achievement Award

Sonic passes his OFA Cardiac

Sonic passes his OFA Hips

Sonic DNA OFA Ataxia Carrier

Storytime's Something's Brewing

Witch passes her OFA Hips Good

Witch passes her OFA Cardiac

Witch passes her DNA OFA Ataxia Carrier

Storytime's The Legend Begins

Legend earns BOB under Judge Ed Bivens
Legend passes his OFA Cardiac

Storytime's Magic From My Heart
Charm passes her OFA Hips Good
Charm DNA Ataxia Clear

Storytime's Winter Solstice
Winter passes her OFA Cardiac


Flashback The Chase is On
Red passes his Cardiac

Red has 12 points towards his CH just need one 3 pt major

Benchmark's Moonlight Angel
Moonlight passes her Cardiac


Pamela Nemec and Chuck Nelson

St. Augustine, Florida

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